Downtown Glam

The “Downtown Glam” collection pays tribute to an era of elegance and sophistication. Drawing inspiration from the refined glamour of the neo-classical and baroque period. The collection is inspired by the architecture of the Iconic Royal Club of Mohamed Ali in Downtown Cairo, the proportion of its shapes, the countless mesmerizing crystal chandeliers in its halls and intricate decorative details. The Downtown Glam Collection is an homage to preserve the rich heritage of the past, a collection dedicated to the feminine, elegant yet fierce woman in an era that no longer exists and reinterpreted for today’s modern, ultra chic and upbeat woman. The collection breathes grandeur, femininity , flamboyance translated in each piece. The Downtown Glam collection is designed to appeal to strong, powerful women who love to command attention. The collection embodies the bold and powerful femininity of the woman who is wearing its pieces. Each piece in the collection is as unique as the muse that inspired it, a woman that is feminine, bold, elegant and powerful. Downtown Glam, pays homage to the past while constantly looking forward.