About The Designer


Jewelry and fashion have always been in Deena Wagdy's life for as long as she has known herself. After pursuing a career in Advertising, Deena Wagdy felt it was time to embrace the creativity within her. She took wiring & beading classes and began to sell to her friends and family, when people were buying her designs, her desire to pursue her passion grew even larger. Deena Wagdy's love for jewelry made her want to learn the techniques of jewelry making, she enrolled in the Azza Fahmy Design Studio and was certified by both the AF Design Studio & Alchimia contemporary jewelry design school in Florance. For her, jewelry is a feeling so becoming a maker allowed her to feel the piece from sketching the design until it became a tangible piece of art.


Deena Wagdy will be forever grateful to her mother as she is the backbone of her business, she could not have made it without her constant uplifting support & inspiration. In 2017, Deena Wagdy was born, Her mother & her passion for jewelry led her to create her namesake brand where she believes each piece should be entirely unique and with its own character.